Forum Thread: Avoiding Cliches

Unless in the script it says "Cliche." It is probably best to avoid them. According, many cliches go unnoticed but to make some of these easy to do cliches more real life focused, might just be the thing that makes your film just that much better. Take a look.

One common cliche I often see in action films is, everyone who is important dies in a blaze of glory. Bullets are flying around and people are dying, but our hero takes the time to say goodbye, miraculously no bullets come near him until the dying man goes to sleep. 

Do you notice anything that is consistently placed in films that you might deem to
grind your gears?

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1 Response

The worst, the worst is people being nonchalant about explosions. There's a scene in the trailer for Salt where superspy Angelina Jolie casually and without a downward glance drops two grenades before calmly walking away. It doesn't make me think she's a bad ass, it makes me think that she's an idiot who doesn't understand that explosions hurt.

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