Forum Thread: Do Colors play a Huge Role in a Great Film

I have been doing a lot of research recently and I have been finding that color schemes are playing an increasingly more important role in films. "Max Payne", for instance, was a film that really took a step forward from its predecessor "300." Both films were made in similar fashions and I was really excited to see the color scheme come out perfectly. I believe the scheme was a mix of black, blue, and red but don't quote me on it. I was hoping some of you guys would have some insight into the importance of color schemes, and maybe some examples of coloring that really adds to the film.

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Yeah, absolutely. One of the most eye-opening things is when production designers talk about the colour scheme they've picked for a given film because it's not always the kind of thing that you notice (at least I don't), but once they mention it you realize it it becomes clear that set builders, props folks, costume designers, location managers, even effects guys, they all have to be working from the same playbook.

Not a production designer, but I have forever and a day loved the work of cinematographer Dante Spinotti. Manhunter is pure craziness: there's a moment during the climactic battle between the Red Dragon maniac dude and the beardo agent where iirc there's pure pink and purple light streaming in through the windows.

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