Getting your film made: Scheme #12324

Some Australian cats are pre-selling all 135k frames of their theoretical frames for their theoretical torrent-distributed thriller about underground train tunnels for a buck each. AND! One lucky frame-owner will be chosen to receive 1% of the back-end of the film? Genius?

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I certainly agree that the release of this film online is going to be advantageous to the reputation of the filmmakers in terms of getting their names out. On the other hand, it all seems a bit pie in the sky to me. The fact that they plan to gain notoriety in this way is a little bit absurd, considering people mostly torrent music, films and other media content that has been broadcast or screened through traditional distribution channels. The sale of each frame is certainly interesting, however, I am not jumping at the bit to buy a frame. I have much respect though for these filmmakers who are trying something new and giving it their all. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for how this all works out for these "Australian Cats."

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