iMovie on the iPhone: Gamechanger?

Would you like to watch 500,000 vlogs about Justin Bieber? Just wait, kid

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Sociological Hypothesis: Crap such as Justin Bieber will die out faster due to oversaturation.  What would normally take a month to become a has-been will now take a week.  Right?

This version includes some great behind-the-scenes footage of how Michael Koerbel worked his magic. Very cool.


Yet another great example of people flexing their iPhone pipes!

iPhone 4 Short Film - "156 Turns" - Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Ducati Multistrada

Hmmmm... I don't think that was all done on an iphone 4, I think I see other cameras in the reflections on some of the shots, but it could have in theory.

I think being able to edit in the field will really capture the newsworld if someone learns to harness that power.

Question, I have heard the iphone 4 doesnt allow HD youtube uploads, is that true?

Mike, it was definitely all iPhone 4.  I heard from the horse's mouth directly; had lunch with the director the other day.

This a test video captured by the iPhone 4 with a Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens attached. It's pretty impressive.

Link on Gizmodo

Ridiculous.  But also ridiculously grainy.

We've come full circle and have somehow created a cellphone that uses a still photo lens to shoot HD video that looks exactly like super 8 footage. What the hell is going on


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