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News: Cheap Ass Videocameras and Citizen Journalism

The idea that you could buy a cellphone sized video camera that shoots 720p for a hundred bucks would literally seem like nonsense to me five or six years ago, as I sat trying to get a shot worth looking at out of my old Sony pd150. They're here, though, the Flips and iPhones and Kodaks and whatever else and while most of their impact can be measured in the increased frequency of Bieber-tribute videos hitting youtube, having a $100 hd camera also puts me in a mind to go - me a regular old idi...

Cyrus: The Puffy Chair meets Money and Famous People

Cyrus comes out tomorrow, having wowed people at Sundance and at SXSW where the directors, the Duplass brothers, had earlier success with their mumblecore feature The Puffy Chair. It's very funny, and very well made and it should be of particular interest to lo/no-budg filmmaking dudes and dudettes because it is literally the model of what can be done with talent and hard work.

LEE Filters Gel Swatch book: A Rad as Hell Thing

We made a video about the basics of ND gels the other day, and given that we don't have a grip truck to haul stuff off of we had to go actually buy gels from the photo supply store. I took the opportunity while there to grab another of my favourite things on the earth, a little sample-book put out by Lee Filters (Rosco makes them, too) containing little swatches of all the gels and scrims and reflectors that they make, which is a lot of different gels, scrims and reflectors.