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News: iMovie on iPhone, coming in June

So as of now June 24th or whenever it is precisely that the new iPhone comes out, we'll likely be in a situation where two of the most popular, talked-about filmmaking tools will be non-traditional video cameras: the new 720p-shooting/cutting Apple Flip-smasher and the Canon 5d. I feel positively old fashioned, a dinosaur, an archaic wreck, stumbling about with my mammoth Canon XH-A1. I can't slip it into my pocket, I can't take the lens off and put a f/1.8 50mm on it and get kabonkers depth ...

News: Welcome to The Film Lab!

This quick intro video only scratches the surface of all the DIY filmmaking technique tutorials that are waiting for you in The Film Lab -- join Mike and Rajo as they shed some light on important stuff that will help you pull together your masterpiece!

News: The Snoot-less Snoot

I was shooting last Friday and for a particular shot I wanted a special on a product; I wanted it focused, but soft.  Unfortunately we had run out of flags to cut it so my Key Grip came up with a great DIY solution: cut a hole in black wrap, put it on a stand a few feet away from the light (Dedo 400W HMI) and cover that hole with a light diffusion (Opal).  The distance from the light guaranteed a defined shape while the diffusion softened up the light itself.

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