News: The Snoot-less Snoot

The Snoot-less Snoot

I was shooting last Friday and for a particular shot I wanted a special on a product; I wanted it focused, but soft.  Unfortunately we had run out of flags to cut it so my Key Grip came up with a great DIY solution: cut a hole in black wrap, put it on a stand a few feet away from the light (Dedo 400W HMI) and cover that hole with a light diffusion (Opal).  The distance from the light guaranteed a defined shape while the diffusion softened up the light itself.

The extra layer of diff between the "snoot" and the product was to both soften the light and the edges of the cut. Worked well.

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Hell yeah man. Ugly ass lights is the best ass lights

Since Blaaaaack Wraaaaaap rocks so much we made a video to share our love for it.

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