News: straight 8 - make a film on 1 roll of super 8, see it at slamdance & cannes

straight 8  - make a film on 1 roll of super 8, see it at slamdance & cannes


straight 8 invite anyone (that means you) to make a short film on one cartridge of super 8 — without editing.

the first time you see your film is at one of our awesome worldwide premieres.

check out the lovely 2012 trailer here:

& there's a short, clear explanation of the process here:

to be eligible for our slamdance screening - you need to get your completed film back to us by december 12th 2011.
(all entries received by the slamdance deadline will also be eligible for cannes and all other 2012 selections.)

if you miss the slamdance deadline...
to be eligible for cannes film festival and everything else in straight 8 2012, you need to get your film back to us by march 29th 2012

enter now at to join in
entry costs £60 (+vat if you live in the eu), or a bit less if you're a student

we'll send out your cartridge, you shoot it and send it back to us unprocessed, and upload an original soundtrack

if it's great, the first time you'll see it is at our awesome cannes film festival screening, the incredible slamdance festival in park city utah, sheffield docfest, rushes soho shorts fest in london, or one of a growing number of fantastic festivals and screenings around the world.

straight 8 receive 100-200 entries every year, and in a typical year we'll show over 70% of submissions at one our premiere screenings.

if you've checked out our trailer, and you're interested in entering, have a browse of the awesome films on our vimeo channel to get some inspiration!

and if you want to help us to organise a straight 8 screening at a festival/venue/school/arena/tent near you, anywhere in the world, please get in touch with

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