Cyrus: The Puffy Chair meets Money and Famous People

The Puffy Chair meets Money and Famous People

Cyrus comes out tomorrow, having wowed people at Sundance and at SXSW where the directors, the Duplass brothers, had earlier success with their mumblecore feature The Puffy Chair. It's very funny, and very well made and it should be of particular interest to lo/no-budg filmmaking dudes and dudettes because it is literally the model of what can be done with talent and hard work.

Of course, we don't have Catherine Keener and Marisa Tomei and John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill beating down our doors to be in our cheap-ass features. Be that as it may, the flick is an exemplary piece of indie filmmaking: no CGI, no expensive gags, just a couple maybe three scenes with a bunch of extras, a small cast of funny people, and a spectacularly good script that takes place in a handful of locations. It's kind of inspirational, and it ends up having more suspense and humour than almost anything else Hollywood's cranked out in the past 6 months so Czech it out if you haven't.

Trailer here.

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