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Forum Thread: Episode One - the Filmmakers Guide

This is Episode One of our Filmmakers Guide we've been working on for simple hacks for creating short films and skits. This is our first video to show you just how simple it can be to overcome writers block and create short films or skits over a variety of genres. Hope you can take something from it and we'd love to see some of your results using our techniques.

Forum Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Deleted Effects in Movie

Hey, so I'm editing a video for my friend (it's a First Person Shooter with guns (toy guns) explosions and all that) and I'm days into editing it and then I notice that all of the muzzle flashes have disappeared. I know they were there before because I've been editing them for days. I've saved multiple times and closed the program multiple times. Is there any way possible to recover a previous save or make them re-appear? I've ctrl Z as far as I could and it only took me to the beginning of w...

Forum Thread: How to Start Filmmaking, Film Production Resources, Best Filmmaking Equipment, Information & Advice

If you're new to filmmaking, try this is page. Everything you need to know to start filmmaking. It's where you'll find all the information and resources you need to get up-to-speed quickly, and begin your filmmaking career! best filmmaking equipment & gear, where to start in film industry, advice for beginners in film industry, film industry books, how to make a website, film production resources and information for beginners in film production.

Movie Marketing: The Sneak Preview

According to Company Town, the upcoming Tom Cruise flick, "Knight and Day" is expected to have less than stellar numbers at the box office. In order to make sure that does not happen, FOX issued sneak previews before the opening weekend. According to the article, Sneak Previews can be risky in the web 2.0 era. If the audiences do not feel that the film is excellent, they will be tweeting away and there goes any hopes FOX might have of a box office hit. I'd like to ask what you guys think of t...

Forum Thread: Big List of Horror Film Festivals

This is my attempt to make a complete and current list of all the Horror/SciFi Film Festivals and Conventions around the world.  Please help me keep this list updated!   If you have info, please email me.  I've tried only to include festivals who accept submissions from filmmakers.  There are many festivals showing already-released films. Such festivals are not listed here.   

Forum Thread: Avoiding Cliches

Unless in the script it says "Cliche." It is probably best to avoid them. According, many cliches go unnoticed but to make some of these easy to do cliches more real life focused, might just be the thing that makes your film just that much better. Take a look.

Forum Thread: Do Colors play a Huge Role in a Great Film

I have been doing a lot of research recently and I have been finding that color schemes are playing an increasingly more important role in films. "Max Payne", for instance, was a film that really took a step forward from its predecessor "300." Both films were made in similar fashions and I was really excited to see the color scheme come out perfectly. I believe the scheme was a mix of black, blue, and red but don't quote me on it. I was hoping some of you guys would have some insight into the...

Getting your film made: Scheme #12324

Some Australian cats are pre-selling all 135k frames of their theoretical frames for their theoretical torrent-distributed thriller about underground train tunnels for a buck each. AND! One lucky frame-owner will be chosen to receive 1% of the back-end of the film? Genius?

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