Forum Thread: A Cheap DIY Solution for a Lighting/Studio Grid (With Reference Video)

Hey Everyone,

For the longest time I struggled with having a backlight for my tutorials due to lack of room. I couldn't put a backlight in because the stand would always be revealed. I finally came up with a cheep solution.

I recently built a lighting grid for my garage. I used ABS and had it assembled for under $100. I built mine approx. 8ft X 8ft.

To build it at 8ft X 8ft:
5 - 12ft ABS pipe (diameter does not matter)
16 - J hooks
16 - eye bolts
16 lock nuts

1) Put the J hooks into the ceiling hitting the studs.
2) Determine the width of each section and place the j hooks in along the studs.
3) Cut the ABS to length and drill the holes.
4) Throw the eye bolts in.
5) Hang up the pipe along the studs.
6) Under those put the pipe going across the studs.
7) Tighten the nuts on the bolts.

I also used clamp lights. They are extremely cheep. I used black wrap to shape the direction of the light in order to reduce spillage. I wrapped a wire around the light to stop it from falling and causing damage.

For more information and visuals feel free to watch the video and ask questions.


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